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Twitter ≠ Facebook

Twitter is not a Facebook competitor, this is not an either/or battle of services like the majority of Facebook users seem to think. Twitter is a completely different beast, offering extremely different features to Facebook. Saying Twitter is a Facebook competitor is like saying that Flickr is a Facebook competitor, they both host photos don’t they?

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The Google+ Flash Tour

The +1 button appearing on certain sites, Google Buzz testing the waters of social networking, a mysterious black ‘marker line’ appearing across the top of the search giant’s sites… now Google is back in this game, and it certainly means business.

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Forbes recently broke a rumor that Facebook has signed a deal with Spotify, the music streaming service, to join forces in bringing a cloud music service to the masses, as long as it keeps you deeply rooted into the Facebook ecosystem.

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Facebook Oauth logo.

Facebook has released it’s PHP SDK update over a month earlier than its 1st July target. Designed to make life easier for the user and developer alike, this new kit gets rid of the old legacy user authentication and adopts the new OAuth 2.0 Standards, which hands out tokens of authentication as opposed to the legacies credential (Password and username) method. The downside is, if you require anything more than user authentication, you have a 4 week wait while Facebook work on those.

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Rockmelt is a web-kit browser based on Google’s rather well known Chromium open-source project and is funded by a group of Netscape former employees. Uses Google’s own JavaScript engine V8 and controversially uses components from Flock – its main competitor.

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