Having recently finished my placement year in industry as a web developer, I feel I’ve learnt quite a bit. Antony Kennedy, however, has been a web developer since BEFORE the dot com boom, and has a wealth of experience. He’s done work for the likes of the BBC, BSkyB, Tesco, Disney and Channel4.

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MG Siegler recently posted a great don’t-call-it-an-obituary for the PC on TechCrunch. His main point was that the PC as we all know it today is dying, and the reason for that is the iPad.

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Here is your monthly infographic! It’s time to look to the future of wallets and our plastic money.

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Most people have their own preferences when it comes to writing CSS. Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites is different because it addresses how to work around this and make life easier for a team and addresses management issues.

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The second part of my rocket launcher build. As mentioned in the last post, I had drawn up a schematic for the prototype launcher (simple I know…). The next part was building the circuit which was first put onto a breadboard.

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“WiFi sync to iTunes? You mean, like my Android phone does already?” :P “Sounds like what my Samsung Galaxy S II does… ” :P Just a couple of the comments I received when talking about the new features of iOS 5. Android trolls are the worst kind of trolls.

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I am Ollie Read, self proclaimed god, and gift to mankind. My main language is English but I am fluent in nonsense and sarcasm! By profession I'm a PHP web developer, and a damn good one. I run my own company and generally make the internet better with my presence.

This topic is something that many developers and designers can connect with, but for the purpose of this article, I shall be focusing on the developers point of view (mainly because I am a developer).

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For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, or have had part of your brain removed, Tumblr is an ever-growing micro blogging site that apparently has a lot of features—but I’m damned if I can ever see them, as the site is almost always down.

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