A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending a local “digital creative” meetup B&Wmeet. It’s held at the Slug and Lettuce, a national pub chain in the UK. A number of us wanted food before the event, and I noticed an offer on their website of 25% off food if you sign up [...]

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A pile of programming books

We all love learning new things, and I love learning them from books. Why do I like books so much, and are they still useful in the Internet era? What does the future hold for the humble printed reference book?

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Screenshots of different Apple devices displaying the Hicksdesign website

The web can be flexible and adaptive but more often than not sites are rigid and static. Responsive web design is a group of techniques that bring us closer to writing once and deploying everywhere.

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This topic is something that many developers and designers can connect with, but for the purpose of this article, I shall be focusing on the developers point of view (mainly because I am a developer).

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The next part of the rocket launcher build. The final product kind of looks like a doomsday device…

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The ever popular Minecraft gets it’s latest dose of new content in the Adventure Update. At the same time adding new things to do and craft, we start to start to see evidence of an ever impending full release.

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I'm an accountant based in Maidstone. I'm all about technology, whether it be gadgets or web apps I'm the guy reading all about it, talking to you over the table about it and probably getting on your nerves about it. So, I'll be on about tech, coffee and sometimes money (I am an accountant). See you in the cloud.

There is no better illustration of techno-ignorance than the enterprise—the sheer complacency toward anything with a microprocessor is rather staggering. Yet it’s the enterprise which should be the most interested in technology.

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MG Siegler recently posted a great don’t-call-it-an-obituary for the PC on TechCrunch. His main point was that the PC as we all know it today is dying, and the reason for that is the iPad.

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