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Steve Jobs at WWDC 2011

It doesn’t need an introduction. But this year’s WWDC 2011 wasn’t a ‘traditional’ developer conference. In fact, ask any Apple fanatic, and they’ll tell you WWDC is synonymous with an iPhone refresh, showing off the new must-have piece of gadgetry we’ll be living with for the next year.

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Instead of reading pages of facts and figures, why not grab a coffee and pull out an infographic? I don’t mean a page of pie and bar charts—find something with an epic colour scheme, graphic art and if possible, at least one meme reference.

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Rockmelt is a web-kit browser based on Google’s rather well known Chromium open-source project and is funded by a group of Netscape former employees. Uses Google’s own JavaScript engine V8 and controversially uses components from Flock – its main competitor.

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