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An indie title with a lot of buzz, Dear Esther has a lot to live up for as a reimagined source mod from 2008.I went from skeptical, to impressed in the span of 2 hours. Here is my input on Dear Esther.

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The ever popular Minecraft gets it’s latest dose of new content in the Adventure Update. At the same time adding new things to do and craft, we start to start to see evidence of an ever impending full release.

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When your computer can’t meet the required specifications for your favourite game, OnLive can save you with its “Gaming On Demand” service! Using Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I provide a quick review of the service and see whether it could shake things up for gamers.

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It’s nearly one month since the launch of TechRant, and to celebrate, we thought we should give something back to you, the readers! There is only one book up for grabs here, but you should still have pretty good odds at winning!

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The infamous Playstation Hack of 2011 has quickly become one of the biggest gaming stories of 2011. From what seemed to be a big year for Sony, has quickly become one of their most controversial. Is it possible for the company to bounce back from what is being called one of the largest security breaches? Is there anything they can do to remedy the situation? I’ve got it covered.

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