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Motorola Xoom

Google announced that it is set to acquire Motorola Mobility for a staggering $12.5 billion, it seems the model of controlling the hardware as well as the software has finally come out as dominant.

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The Nook Simple Touch Reader is being called the “Best eReader on the Market”. Is it? I’ve had it for two months and I undeniably agree. The nook STR is a must own if you’re looking to get rid of paper and convert to the wonders of E-Ink.

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From a very young age, I have always wanted a model rocket. And that dream came true. It seems whenever I get together with my good friend Adam we seem to do the most spontaneous things. It started with an idea and then we decided to drive to town and buy a rocket kit. Why not!

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Just over a year ago there was a huge buzz in the Techverse. Word on the street was that Apple were going to announce something big. Well, something bigger than the iPhone and iPod Touch, anyway. A tablet. And as everyone not currently living under a rock on Gallifrey knows…

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The world has been a very different place since the invention of the humble transistor. There are many pages where you can read about the invention and history but I’m not prepared to give a history lesson. A transistor has two uses: amplification and switching. They also…

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