BarCamp Bournemouth – Live Blog Day 1

Barcamp is an unconference. People sign up to attend and are invited to give talks on whatever technology or computer related topic they like. There is also a hackspace provided by one of the sponsors Mozilla, which we will be visiting! Thanks to the other sponsors, Bournemouth University, BCS, and atechMedia, and thanks to Paul Albinson, Lewis Davies, Dan Heath and Luke Wiliams for organising the whole event.

Today and tomorrow, myself and Kieran will be live blogging the event. This is our first live blog, so please bear with us if any problems arise. Your page will be updated automagically, so no need to refresh.


Arduino? No problem. Playing music? Confusion supreme


Well that’s all the talks for today! For the rest of the evening and night, coffee fueled coding is the name of the game. We may or may not update through this evening, depending if anything awesome happens in the hack room. Thanks to those following the live blog today. We will be back tomorrow with more content and insight into BarCamp Bournemouth 4.


And now, for some powerpoint karaoke! A presentation on Adele… in Spanish?! And what is levanters?


Problems with node (and their solutions):

Callback spaghetti, development pattens, keeping everything Async!

Async libraries (Q & async), Prototypal Inheritance / Module patten, A new way of thinking!

Tom uses node because it’s new and exciting, but it also allows applications to scale easier than with PHP


Now @tomgco (Tom Gallacher) is giving a talk on node.js

Why would you use node.js? Who uses it? What’s good about it? And why does Tom hate CoffeeScript so much?


Hackroom photos! In this room (Spock), everyone is sat around playing with gamepads and the Gamepad API, arduino bits, and code.

"Stop talking about chips, I've got code, I'm gonna use code!"

There are all sorts of hardware bits here that are admittedly way beyond me


“Using the UI builder for iOS set me back. Learn to make views with code”


From earlier:


There are quite a few things to learn to make an app, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Objective-C is a super set of C, using the same basic syntax, but object-oriented.

Using Cocoa, a bunch of high level APIs for OS X with the MVC design patten, you can write apps for iOS devices.


Introduction to iPhone apps by @phillipcaudell in the Paper room. 83,000 downloads in one day for their best app!

Why and how to build an app!


And now in Spock, our very own Ben Hutton (@relequestual) is giving a talk / workshop on how to make Eclipse less… well, rubbish.

Yoxos is a tool that allows you to build your own custom build of Eclipse, without all the rubbish that comes with it, allowing you add or remove components before installation. Ben, as a PHP developer, wants to optimise his Eclipse installation to include all the PHP development tools he’ll need, without needing to install them later as a plugin. He’s walking us through the process of doing this with Yoxos.


Did you know, font-face has been in IE since version 4! Other browsers removed it, then added it again.



There are fonts built to help dyslexics read texts easier. Does anyone have a website where you can enable a dyslexic mode?


Helvetica. It’s overused! But don’t use Arial.

Arial is crap, an imperfect version of Helvetica.


Right now in the Paper room, @jonginn ‘s guide to fonts!

Font choices are Paramount!


Adam’s talk went into live examples using IRB, but due to overwhelming demand quickly degraded into the Duck Song.


It’s lunch time. Free food provided by the sponsors! THANKYOU! =]


Map, Reduce, Zip. Things I’ve heard of but never understood. Now I know! Check out the code samples in Adams slides linked below!


Now: Adam Howard (@skattyadz) giving a talk on Code Tricks. “Those of you who know no code may be in over your heads; or you may feel patronized if you know any code at all, really.”

So far, he’s gone over conditionals, and the ternary operator, and been hijacked by someone in the front row defining what ‘true’ means.

Also, “JavaScript is MENTAL.”



Javascript is mental Fair comment. Now talking about Coercion – Code Tricks slides can be found here http://slides.skatty.me/slideshows/6/present



Truthyness and Falseyness. True and False. Conditional stuff… [pic]



Adam Howard (@skattyadz) talks about some code basics


Some more lessons learnt: Take breaks, have a spec, work for the right reasons, learn git, pick something and stick with it, off and on again isn’t always the answer, don’t dither, always remember your tools, upgrade, use streetview…


Fail Swap Shop is fantastic! Some lessons so far…

Don’t show off, don’t try too hard, VM is a waste of a time, test, backup, think before you speak, RTFM, smaller chunks, prepare, think before you act, check the time, backup your backups, don’t be sarcastic to the customer…

How it works

Hi, my name is [name] and I’m a failure. *cheer* I did x and it failed, I learnt that…


Coffee time followed by the Fail SwapShop. Time to share failings!


Mozilla are working with the Chrome guys to create a consistent games API – at the moment, while Firefox allows event-driven button presses, Chrome only allows the other method of capturing gamepad input: continuous polling of the gamepad to see if its state has changed at all.

Both Chrome and Firefox dev releases include the Gamepad API (requiring you to enable a flag before starting the browser), and it will be coming to consumer releases Soon(TM).

There are six gamepads here to play with, and to try your hand at the API. I’ll definitely be taking a look at this when I get a chance. The sample code from this presentation will be going up as a gist shortly.


The Gamepad API will be in every version of firefox in the near future. It uses Javascript and you can determine when a gamepad is plugged in!

Rob shows us a demo of a graphical gamepad in HTML5 taking input from a gamepad connected via USB.

Gamepad have identifiers so you can tell you what the layout of buttons are.



Session 1 in the Spock room, Gamed API introduction by Rob Hawkes.


And we’re go. We’re in Scissors room (the other rooms are Rock, Paper, Lizard and Spock) having an opening talk from the organisers… including showing off hackspace prizes! There’s a box full of Arduino stuff, and four copies of Foundation HTML5 Canvas: For Games and Entertainment by Rob Hawkes for whoever makes the best / most amusing / stupidest thing this weekend.


Doors opened just over 10 minutes ago! Crazy Tom Gallacher is wearing jumping stilts, but for how long! *rushes to barcamp*

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