Book Giveaway – Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites

This book assumes you know what CSS is and can write it to some extent already. If you work in a large team, on a site with plenty of traffic (over 10,000 unique visitors a day), or loads of pages, this book was written for you. If you don’t work on high traffic websites, this book still has plenty to teach you, especially if you’re working in a team of any size. If you don’t work on a team, either, but see yourself working with CSS in the future, you can still benefit by understanding how it all works in a well formed-professional environment.

It’s extremely clear to me that the authors of this book, Antony Kennedy and Inayaili de Leon, are highly experienced and know what they are talking about. They are professionals at the top of the game. Further, being published by Apress indicates that this is a quality technical book.

Antony has worked for the BBC, BSkyB, Tesco, Disney, and Channel4 (among others). Employed as a web developer to CTO to Head of Front End Development, Antony has worked at all levels. This gives him real insight into how anyone working with CSS can help the team work as a well-oiled machine. You can find him on twitter @booshtukka.

Inayaili currently works for Canonical, the organisation behind Ubuntu, takes on freelance work, speaks at a number of events and also writes for the likes of 24 ways and Smashing Magazine. She also writes on her own blog, Web Designers Notebook (which is part of the Smashing Network), on and around the areas of web design. Find her on twitter @yaili.

Assuming you’re interested in finding out more about Antony and Inayaili while the giveaway is running, I’ll be interviewing them both and updating this posts with the links.

Just as with the last book giveaway, here’s the table of contents I pinched from Amazon…

  1. The Value of Process
  2. CSS Style Guide
  3. Fundamentals
  4. Frameworks and Integration
  5. Brand Implementation
  6. CSS and Accessibility
  7. Devices
  8. Performance
  9. Dynamic CSS
  10. Testing and Debugging
  11. Creating your CSS
  12. Appendix 1: CSS Standards Guide
  13. Appendix 2: Accessibility Guidelines
  14. Appendix 3: Browser Support Guidelines
  15. Appendix 4: Development Process

If you’re not already convinced that you need this book, check out the Amazon page.

Some have said they have had issues entering. You will need Javascript enabled, and the giveaway widget will load to the right of the image. It may take some time, so be patient. Any problems, let us know via twitter.

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