Google Features I Bet You’re Missing Out on

Hello there internet user. The majority of people reading this will be doing so via this “internet” thing. I haven’t yet seen anyone print off an article for non internet using type people.

Now that’s out the way… Most of us internet people use Google, probably several times a day, correct? Thought so. You probably know you can use quotes when searching, or plus and minus signs, or keywords AND, OR and NOT. Pretty sure there are a few MORE features of the Google search box that you don’t know about.

With the rising use of shiny new Google+, it’s now time to make sure you know MORE of Googles features than you did before. Most of you will probably know THIS one already, but let’s go with it… (If you know all the Easter Eggs, you just earnt yourself a virtual cookie)


The Google search box can be used to enter a mathematical problem that requires solving. Try something simple, type 1+1 into Google… could come in rather handy! Maybe not with such simple problems, but something you would normally require a calculator for. Don’t know about you, but I have no idea where my physical calculator is! “*” is times, “/” for divide, “root” for root, “sqrt” for square root, and “^” for powers. You can even do something like “10th root of 1024″ if needs be.

For a few bonus points, a good number of Easter Eggs in Google Calculator…

Do a search for each of the following:

  • “answer to life the universe and everything”
  • “number of horns on a unicorn”
  • “a bakers dozen”
  • “the loneliest number”
  • “once in a blue moon”


If you need to do slightly more advanced things than add up a few numbers, you can check out this more complete list.


Being a user of the internet, you may have friends in different time zones. If you haven’t already added a second clock to your taskbar, meaning you probably don’t need to check THAT often, just sometimes, then using Google is an option. Doing a Google search for “time London”, will actually show you the time in London.


Want to quickly find out the weather forecast for the next few days? Again, it’s pretty simple. “weather London”, click Google Search, and you’re away!

Unit Conversion

Being told about something in pounds and you speak kilograms? Feet, meters, miles and cubits all in a muddle? how many seconds in 26 days? (OK, you probably won’t need that last one, but hey.) Google powered unit conversion isn’t half bad, it’s damn good! It even understands “dozen”, “baker’s dozen” and “gross”! I had never heard of “a gross” (144 apparently). Oh, and if your sticky bun recipe is in cups and you feel more comfortable in fluid ounces, Google can do that one for you too! My personal favourite though, “10 to binary”, or hex / oct. Heck, they just threw in to and from Roman Numerals just for fun!

Currency Conversion

Making a purchase online in a different currency can be annoying, guessing roughly what the cost will be in your own currency. If you’re aware of ISO 4217 (That’s Currency Code List to us normal folk), and you know your three letter code, you can do a quick check to give you a much better estimation on currency conversion rates. For example, “10 GBP to USD”, converts 10 British Pounds to US Dollars, which is about $16.11 right now. How bout that!? For the disclaimer, see the disclaimer…

Dictionary Definitions

Out of all the other things the Google Search box can return you which aren’t search results, this is the one I use most often. When unsure of a word’s meaning or spelling, why bother with going to find a dictionary? Google corrects a fair number of spellings (although admittedly not all) and entering “define” followed by your word of choice and you will be presented with definitions above results.

Film Showings

If you’re thinking about going to see a film with some friends, why not check all the local places at once and find the best showing time for you? You guessed it, Google can do that for you. Search for “Films Location”, and you’ll find a section at the top of the results, with an option for even more detailed results, there is a “More Films” link.


Keeping track of scores or when events on can be difficult sometimes. I say that, but I’m not exactly a sports fan myself. Checking the current score or when your teams next game is on, should be quick and simple, right? RIGHT! Doing a search for your team will display extra sports details before the normal results.


Finally, Stocks. You probably have your stocks under watch using something to notify you if you’re serious. If you’re not so serious, just type in the ticker symbol, and details will be shown to you.

Two Random EasterEggs

Search for “Anagram”.

Search for “ascii art”.


If you have any more features you think people should know about, or any more amusing easter eggs you’d like to share, then please do in the comments section below

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    Try searching: recursion in Google as well…

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    If Google does these functions could that be a potential for traffic to be taken away from sites that provide similar info? It may not be good for Google to provide all the information at the top level like this.

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